From So Many Different Sides

It seems that I am still spending a lot of time working on the behind the scenes process of the site still when what I really need is to get some new material on the front end.  I need to begin writing some new reviews, create some new artist profiles and gather more of their work, and add more of my own galleries.  The site is currently fantastic to navigate and as I work my way through.  It has an amazing look and feel to it.  I need not be too concerned with my own gain by the project but work toward creation of exploration of my own identity and personal vision.  For the future to see a sort of legacy that says this is who and what I was, this is what I knew and this is the way I saw the world and it’s evolution during my existence here on this earth.  This is going to be the power of it.  I have so much stuff in my head that I just need to share for others to experience.  There is a new generation of gay culture that does not know the wonder and fascination of who and what we have become.  They are caught in a world that only involves them, in this moment, in a sort of self contained and self-centered sort of way.  They don’t know what films to watch, what books to read, how art can transform our lives and evoke our passion, feelings and desire.  I feel fortunate enough that I was able to live and grow up in the height of an era that went from a state of lost bewilderment to acceptance of a complete social consciousness filled with pride struggled through an epidemic that empowered us and somehow managed to survive it.  It is the story of a remarkable journey that will be lost if we as that generation that went through it does not share our experience.  Our world is not changing at lightening speed.  And that change is reflected through our social media.  I remember seeing a movie called Making Love in the theaters the first week I meet and fell in love with my first partner, which was not very optimistic for choosing that sort of lifestyle back then.  In fact I was so disturbed by it back then that I left my new boyfriend and walked home alone cursing myself and sobbing for having chosen a lifestyle that felt to incredibly alive but now know would end in complete and utter unhappiness.  But on the sexual end felt so completely right.  Jump to 30 years later and now there are hundreds of great films that tell our stories from so many different sides, many of them reflecting a healthy and honest perspective of what we have become.  I am lucky, I have felt love, I still follow my passions and am excited by something new everyday that shows me a new and captivating side of myself.  This is my exploration and what I have to share.  I have reached that stage of the project where I need to make that leap, technically the site is there, now I just need to realize and explore my vision.