A Leap of Faith

OK here we go: a leap of faith. I am finding t I am wanting to retreat into my sorted world of insecurities, which I must admit can consume me. But now is the time to really begin my focus on beauty and art and that’s what this project is really about. I am deeply romantic at my core; it’s one of the things that really excites me about who I am. I don’t really care to change the world, and for the most part am very withdrawn from it. I love soft light and constantly strive to work with it in my imagery. In fact my entire studio is completely wired on a series of dimmers so that I can have control of creating the perfect environment for whatever mood I am in. Music is an integral part of that romantic allure. I love music; all kinds of music and often becomes part of the design. For me this is what the photograph becomes about, setting up the environment for a tone, a feeling, an emotions and creating that entire state of existence. It becomes intoxicating, entrancing, and often time very hypnotic. It allows me to bond with the subject so we can go on a highly personal journeys together, to get to the core of what I am feeling, and explore our identities.

When I first got into photography I was drawn to the images of Robert Mapplethorpe. I was not sure why. Was it the mystic behind the person? Was it his bold approach to subject matter he tackled? There was always something in the images that riveted me to his subjects. I spent many years searching for my connection to his work. Much of his stuff was so far removed from my world and existence. Yet it was haunting, like a siren song. There was such poetic beauty in the imagery. Year later after I had begun to develop my own style I read an interview with him that suddenly made the connection for me. He basically said that you must have a strong connection to the subject. He loved to talk to, in fact insisted on personally connecting to his subjects first. This builds trust and draws them in. In this business I meet so many strangers. When I begin to work with someone new I always plan some time where I can talk to them, really connect to who they are. I am curious about people by nature and have an even stronger curiosity about what it is within myself that is drawn to this particular person. The photographic sessions then becomes an exploration of myself, my own personal journey, and to eventually unveil what is remarkable about this subject. And yes, every single person has some remarkable quality within them, it’s just a mater of how guarded they are to reveal it and let it surface. Somehow people trust you as a photographer and are more susceptible to allowing you into their inner selves. Some of these bonds last, some of them are fleeting, but it always lingers with what’s left behind, the image.

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  1. Dave C

    >Eyes are everything to me – I love to look into eyes because they reveal so much even when hooded. When I catch the unguarded eye in an image it sends me an unspoken message – directly to me because the message is one I either want to see or need to see. I like that in this image in particular – can drown in that gaze!

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