Absence Of Malice

All that I have written here is about my world as I have experienced it.  There was never any intended malice directed any at specific individual or group.  If you feel you have been bitten by these words, perhaps you have recognized the truth within yourself.  I have tried to be honest in my accounting of who I am and only write about the things I know.  I have approached it as a sort of retrospective about the things that have greatly influenced my journey.  My life has spanned many decades of change in our times and culture and it was intended to give an accounting of that evolution.  To, in a sense, create a history of who we are and the issues we have dealt with living in a turbulent era.  In a way, my life spans the entire movement from silent self denial to the dawn of total acceptance as we recognize our ability to unite legally via a long and bumpy epidemic that has both devastated a greater sense of our selves as well as rebuild a world with a greater feeling of community.  All that I have ever dreamed has come true in my lifetime and I hold my head up with pride and dignity that I have experienced such a richness throughout it.  This was an important year for me as a person as well as an artist.  I have experienced tremendous growth on both sides.  There have been sleepless nights; days and days lost in thoughts with moments of great joy, fear, and self-doubt as I have tried to remain true to it all.  I have written approximately a singe page every day; sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, and I now see a massive opus that bewilders even myself.  It was my intent to write something every day and post a new image throughout the entire year.  Coming to the end so far I have only missed 7 days, which I think is extremely remarkable.  I am still not sure who follows this, but I know there have been some from the beginning and I thank you because I have always felt your presence.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to have you on my journey and I am eternally grateful to all those who have picked me up along the way.  I have always believed that art and life are a collaboration and now realize to create a blog is probably one of the greatest collaborations one can undertake.  Thank you for the remarkable year and experience.