Classic Torso – John #373, 2009

In the fall of 2009, I also began working with a guy named John and this image of him becomes the ninth image in the portfolio collection. John had a very classic body, but was completely unaware of what that meant. He was in his mid 30’s and had a lot of issues dealing with insecurities about how he saw himself. He was a painter by profession, I had met on line and began to chat with and eventually coaxed him into the studio for a session. We did several sessions and no matter how I lit him the classic beauty of his natural body shown through. He was probably the person most surprised to see him self in this light. The images work in color as well as black and white. I had recently been the Met in NYC and spent a day photographing the statues of their Greek and Roman collections, a passion of mine. But there the subjects were encased in marble and stood still indefinitely as I worked around them. With John this was the first time I actually worked with a live model to capture the essence of that classic style.

The Kickstarter program seems to be coming along well. The last couple of days I have been posting reviews others have been sending me about what I am doing. It’s amazing how much art brings us together and creates our sense of community. This Kickstarter program seems to bring out the best in everyone and not just fiscally but building a sort of camaraderie amongst us as artists. As artists we tend to be a poor lot that don’t make a lot of money, so it’s hard to contribute sometimes to other people’s projects or buy each other’s work. Sometimes it all you can do to survive and stay above water just to maintain a creative existence. So many of my artist friends are pushing me and encouraging me in so many ways to succeed and when you have this kind of community behind you, you already know you are a success.

Last night I had a woman, completely out of my circle of followers, link into my blog via an article Alison had written for Flirty Author Bitches, became so enthusiastic about what I was doing that she: “I tweeted. I Facebooked. And I contributed. Hopefully, so will a lot of other people. Keep the faith, Terry! You do gorgeous work!” Her contribution pushed me into the home stretch and I feel like this thing is going to happen. So today my blog is dedicated to you Christine Ashworth. Thanks for your amazing support.

I am now just $500 from the goal, and if I could make a goal of $50 a day now until the end I can make it. Two $25 donations per day would make this happen. Thanks again for everyone’s support in making this happen. THE NAKED MAN PROJECT: SEARCHING FOR EXPOSURE


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  1. Anonymous

    >I was so pleased when I logged on this morning to see that Christine had not only commented on my blog post but had been bowled over by your art and had donated to your Kickstarter campaign! Way to go Christine! You rock.

    Alison (Elizabeth) Lister

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