It’s Raining Naked Men! Hallelujah!

I have recently been cleaning and glancing through my massive files and was astonished by the volume of work I have created this year. What I post on here is just a very small tip of the iceberg of images I have created. I reconnected with Chad yesterday, whom I haven’t talked to in some time. I knew he had moved back to his home town some time back. We never did quite get a chance to review the last session we did before he took off. So, I began to look back through the shoot to create a disc I could send him. I was up until two in the morning, going back through the whole shoot and came up with about 200 images I totally loved that are all really great. When I am editing I tend to keep narrowing the image down to about 10 that I think best reveal what it was I was trying to capture, then I used to delete everything else. I will typically shoot about 800 images in a session. But in the last year I have stopped deleting those throw-a-ways and sometimes when I go back and look through them and see them from a completely different perspective. Like last night, I began to work these shower images in a new way, that completely changed the look and feel and suddenly they were all popping. Now there are hundreds of extra images that I will send to Chad this morning. Poor guy is going to have to sift through all that. I always hated when I would go to someone’s house and they would begin to show me their images. Not that I don’t like looking at images mind you, but not when they haven’t sorted them and they expect me to sit there through 2,000 images of a trip. I really only want to see the highlights, the best they have to offer and keep it to about 10 minutes. So I have always been apprehensive about showing masses of my own images and try to keep it down to a select few that best represent the shoot. I have a friend who also shoots male nudes who used to put every image he ever shot on line. He was a good photographer, just learning to work with light, and I would spend hours looking through his stuff, most of it not very interesting to get to a few rare gems. I used to collect a lot of art and wanted to buy something of his, but was so overwhelmed that I could not decided and so ended up with nothing. Looking at my Red Bubble profile and posting something new each day I too have began to amass a very large collection, and think it would be overwhelming to those coming in. My style of work and technique keeps improving. I think this one photo a day business is the key. But what am I to do with these surplus of 30,000 plus images of naked men? I can barely keep up with what I am currently producing. In fact I am several weeks behind now. I feel like I have gotten into something that has grown well beyond myself now.

2 thoughts on “It’s Raining Naked Men! Hallelujah!

  1. Anonymous

    >Ha ha, I am trying to dredge up some sympathy for you with all your excess images of beautiful naked men, but I can't do it! What a problem to have 😉

    And thanks for another lovely Chad photo. He just totally does it for me.


  2. BDSpellman

    >I do sympathize, Terry. Currently I have several tens of thousands of images, arranged by date on 2 external hard drives(one full, the second filling up), and I wonder if I'm posting too many images on Red Bubble, Deviant Art, etc. But there are so many more that never get past Adobe Bridge. What's a mother to do? 😉


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