Making The Connection

OK so I am going to make the leap. I am planning a trip to Florence Italy during the month of August to meet someone I think can help me get my images and style of photography into more of an international market. It feels this is the year to make it all begin to happen. This is a huge step for me and I have spent the morning getting my passport and paperwork in order for the trip and looking at booking the flights. I have been submitting my images and work on an international level for some time now and am getting amazing feed back from all sorts of people; but right now my greatest desire is to be able to stand in front of and possibly see an actual painting by Caravaggio. I know it will become a supreme moment of my existence to stand in the presence of such greatness. I am already awestruck just by what I have seen in books that I have been studying for years now.

In May it will have been a whole year since I have begun showing my images and 3 months since I began the process of this journal and project. I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from everyone out there looking at my work. As of this moment the project has had over 13,622 viewing, and probably another 800 plus for the days the counter was not working last week. My Red Bubble Portfolio has had 36,704 viewings in about 10 months with tremendous amount of feedback and has been featured in many groups. To me that indicates there is something truly interesting and powerful going on in my work and art, but most important I am finally connecting to people who truly get and understand my point of view.

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  1. Greg

    >Terry you never cease to amaze me! You know I support this leap unconditionally, go for it my friend.

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