Moving Ahead

It feels remarkable to finally have some time to focus on things that most interest me now.  I just need to process this wedding and then the remainder of the year will be working full force on The Naked Man Project website.  It feels like we are finally beginning to tame the beast of understanding how the project functions internally.  New artists have been submitting works and I have been building galleries for them.  The first one should be up in the next couple of days and I have to say for the first time in months, I am quite excited by the prospects of potentially where this project can go.  There are so dang many talented people out there that have been hidden or that very few people know.  I feel like I have finally found my place and am creating a place of expression for artist wanting to deal with identity and the nude male.  This vision that I have been dreaming of all year now becomes a reality.  There are still people commenting on the old Blogger blog and I would encourage everyone to now move or begin posting in the new blog.  I cannot transfer your comments and I would love all that you are saying to become a part of the permanent record of what this project is becoming.  I have always seen myself as a collective artist and strongly believe in art as collaboration.  This includes feedback from both artist and non-artist.   If it stirs a feeling or emotion and it is worth documenting or expressing your opinion.   I know this sometimes takes a lot of time to log in and do, but it becomes worthwhile and meaningful to others.  It is our goal to have everything cleaned up and the site fully functional, with most of the bugs worked out and formally release the site, on December 1st.  My goal then for the month of December is the begin opening up all the galleries, and get the featured artist section completely functional.   I then want to close out this year by getting back into the studio and shooting new works.  I began shooting some new stuff last week and it has a fascinating new edge to it.  Then in January, I want to begin working on reviving the old Man Art with its original creators to build a social network, that was the original source that inspired me to ultimately begin this project in the first place, and build a home for fearless creative expression.  This is only the first phase in something remarkable about to emerge.