One Common Place

We have set a target to release the new website for a week from today and we are all working to get things ready to unveil. An excitement is growing within me like I have never quite felt before. The culmination of all our creative efforts is finally coming together in one common place. We have defined and redefined and tested what the process is and have learned from lots of mistakes. And I no longer function as an individual but more as a team. It’s very odd to be able to step outside of myself and begin to look at the creation of a body of work. I know for major artists they always do those sorts of 10-year retrospectives; well this will become the same. This has become of the greatest endeavors of self-examination ever. The Naked Man Project will finally find that exposure I was looking for late in the summer on the European trip. I see that trip as the catalyst that has brought this all to existence. I have recently been reading a book about building findable websites and what makes them successful and see that I have all of the essentials already in place. I now see it has been in place for a long time through the blog, it just needed to be orchestrated to make it more accessible and functional. The key components, I am learning to successful web sites are: staying on topic, filling a niche, is authoritative and certainly passionate, is trustworthy, entertaining and must be appealing to its audience interests. Yet it must be original and maintain the voice of the audience. I think I can safely say that I have met the entire criterion through the blog throughout the year, as so many people have been reading and becoming a part of my world and this project. Now I am totally jacked. I fill like I have finally found my place where I can communicate from my remote little place in the mountains of Western Montana.