Over Worked…

I am having a hard time being focused today. It is amazingly beautiful and nice out side I just want to get outdoors. I had a portrait I spent the morning working on. I have also been working on the adaptation of the lighting for Billy’s show we will hang and set tomorrow in the theater. I feel like I have already put a whole days worth of work in and it’s only mid afternoon and had not written or posted anything today. Tomorrow will be a full day of tech on the show so today is my only day sort of off and I am just wanting to escape for the afternoon. Sorry I don’t have much to say today.

Today is exactly a month out to the big 50. I am feeling a lot better now than I was when the year began about this upcoming event. We are planning a party for the Saturday before at the studio, where all are welcome, because the big day, Monday the 23 I am still planning to sky dive. I think sometimes the older we get the more we become desensitized to our existence and lives and we must rattle the cages to feel we are still alive. Falling is one of my greatest fears and phobias so I feel it is about time to face that fear and I can’t of any better way than jumping from a plane and come crashing to the earth. As most of you know about me by now I don’t do anything small.

Wow this is the first time since this project began that I haven’t yammered on about something!!!