Perpetual Growth

The Naked Man Project website has been up for a week now and though you may not see changes happening to it, I assure you it is continually still under construction.  We are still trying to learn the programs and how it all functions together from the back end and there are still lots of detail stuff going on within that inner structure.  Reminder this is a works in progress website so if you are on and you begin to see things shifting around or moving as we are working on various components of the site.  It’s a true content management system so everything is always live and you work and change things in real time, which is really quite a fascinating way to work on the web, because you instantly see the impact it has on the site.  And yes we are still making lots of mistakes.  At this point I am systematically working my way through all the controls, turning new modules on and working with them, seeing if it something we can use, then adapting it or deleting it.  There are about a hundred of these modules that can be worked through so you may see things appear and disappear as you are browsing.  I really encourage people to sign on and become a member, there is no charge and it does take you to a deeper level so you can see the works as they were intended to be.  You actually only need an email address to register and can be as anonymous as you want.  I also encourage people to now post comments on the new blog since the old one doesn’t transfer those comments made to the new one and this will become the permanent record of the project.  There are so many amazing people with great insight I really want to preserve. We have many galleries built, plus many artists outside the project are beginning to work on galleries to add to the featured section and several new articles written but wanted to get some of the understructure working before I added too much.  Any feedback or recommendations are greatly appreciated.  I do have a couple of big jobs that I need to finish up this week so a lot of my energy will be focused there.  Thank you for making this website such a success already and thanks for helping it to grow.