Severe Storm Warning

We have been having one of the worst windstorms I have every seen in Montana. The wind has blown for the past 48 hours solid. The power was out all night but finally came on this morning; now there is no Internet. The wind continues to blow. My two cats, Bob and Kitty, cowered at the door this morning afraid to go out and are stir-crazy from being inside for the last two days. They did follow me out when I went out to inspect the damage. As we circled the house, they headed for the door wanting back in. There is so much debris everywhere that the whole place looks like a disaster zone. Everything I have worked on the past couple of weeks, outside, is wiped out. There is a row of big old cottonwoods on a hillside by the ditch that I am honestly surprised are still standing. I could hear the limbs breaking off and hitting the house all night. I was sure one would come through the skylights. In Montana we don’t tend to have much for weather related encounters so this is very extreme for us. I marvel this morning on how all the things we rely on are actual luxuries we take for granted until they are actually taken away. I now realize how much I depend on my outside communication through all my cable and Internet resources. At first I was frustrated I could not connect to the world outside but I began to see that this was a morning I needed to channel my focus toward myself. It has been wonderful to catch up on things I have lost touch with so long ago. Things long neglected. It puts into perspective how much I have changed in the past 5 months since this project began. I have not been this charged with a project or vision in a very long time. Every day is becoming a routine of accomplishing all my tasks. I see how compartmentalized my life has become. It was a daunting task to decide to produce something new every day. I just hope I have not yet ground the away the edges that makes an endeavor like this really interesting. It is causing me to internalize and draw deeper within myself. Every once in a while I guess we just need to be humbled.

Sorry for the delayed post today, there seemed to be confusion about the logistics of posting? As I seem to have lost the person who has been helping me proof and edit. I hope I will be back on track tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Severe Storm Warning

  1. Anonymous

    >Terry, I love reading your blogs. Your not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing writer. I keep up with your visions and view of life at hand in Missoula. Being over here in CA, your blogs keep my homesickness at bay. Keep em coming you visionary!

  2. Marklin

    I am glad that you weathered the storm, has it really been 5 months already? There is a metaphor in there somewhere, of life's storms destroying your hard work, only to force you to come back stronger then ever. Just for your imformation, you have not worn the edge off of this project. If anything you have made it razor sharp and more relevant with each post.

  3. Terry J Cyr Photography

    >Thanks Marklin, it sometimes feels like I am in a box that I can't always see out. You always seem to know when I need the encouragement. Thanks for your constant support.

  4. Marklin

    First off the view is always better from the outside looking in. It's the take my advice I am not using it syndrome. You wouldn't be a artist if you didn't have some form of self doubt. Rarely will anything be like we visioned it in our minds. That is just the nature of the beast, or that bitch of a muse as I like to call her. The important thing is you keep doing it. The funny thing is you almost never end up where you wanted to go in the first place, but step back and realize you are exactly where you need to be. Good luck my friend.

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