Sex, Desire and Eternal Beauty

I thought this project would lead me more to the sexual side of myself. Sex was always such a big and crucial part of my life. After all, there is a rawness when a person stands before you naked, or at my age, as I stand before myself in the mirror. Though my images are not really about sex, my search for desire becomes a crucial element. The older I get the further it seems I get away from sex, though the desire remains in my subconscious. When I began this process I was looking for what inspired my lust for that desire and the essence of holding on to what I thought was extraordinary through the frame of my image. Somewhere along the path my desire turned toward transient beauty. Now my work seems to become more of a need to connect with feeling and emotion. The roles reverse, in youth I was absorbed by the physical sensation of excitement and touch of sex without feeling; in older age the physical fulfillment seems less important and I dwell in the beautiful memory of that youthful carefree caress. I look back at having spent a lifetime of dancing on the brilliant ecstasy of my own desire and am satisfied. It is now my intention to reveal this in others and sexual preference does not come into play. It now becomes about the remarkable form that stands before me. Light caresses the skin and makes it glow with an eternal glow, whether it is a candle, a strobe or the sun. That caress is beautiful at any age, though our bodies may have become misshapen with passing time.