The Infectious Enthusiasm Of Youth

Now that I am getting out of my studio shell and have recently reconnected to the theatre world and meeting new people, I am beginning to discover a whole world of very talented young photographers and film makers in my community. There is a whole community here that I didn’t even know existed. How is it that we can become so lost or disassociated from what is happening around us? Again thanks to the Internet and You Tube and Facebook my circle of friends continues to grow and I am seeing some truly remarkable work and images. In many ways I am beginning to feel I have grown a bit outdated and behind the times. Everything modern seems to rely heavily on the post-production process. Add in elements that completely refine the final quality of the finished work. I see the images of a young 22-year old photographer who has emulated the extraordinary talents of master photographer that have taken years to cultivate and develop. It was always my dream to go to film school and become a cinematographer, but back in my time, the only option was expensive film schools in California. Now everyone seems to have a camera and digital editing station on their laptops. The way they can express their ideas or explore concepts is remarkable, seeming in a matter of moments. I have dabbled in the realm of cinematography and have worked on several student productions and loved the process. I think there is still great insight to be gained with quality lighting design and it becomes crucial to create the mood and tone and look of the final image. Many of these films I am watching seem to be weak in the over all creation of lighting and shooting of the images sequence. Though the writing and story telling of the narrative is very good, it’s the overall structure of the technical aspects that tend to become muddled and lost. You can use all the digital effects in the world to make the image interesting, but it still needs to start with a brilliant, well executed concept from the start. In all actuality lighting is far simpler than you would imagine and does not take too much equipment to really pull it off. The simple key is little light, and a variety of filters and reflectors to gently place the tone where they will have the most psychological impact. My excitement grows looking at this ambitions works of these young kids and I think somehow I would like to connect with the quality of this process. It would be fun to work on some lighting projects with them just to nudge the learning curve along a bit. Their enthusiasm is becoming infectious within my own body of work and imagery. We all must build a creative collective and begin to feed each other. As an older guy I have the experience and wisdom to offer and resources to make things happen. Somehow it seems life is reversed now. When I was at that age I didn’t have the tools or resources and I was carried away by the spark and wonder of creation. Through the years, that spark begins to fade as we become tainted by the seeming roadblocks we encounter to get to our destination. Many of us creative artists giving up along the way. Our focus begins to narrow and draws internal. But that spark for me glows anew seeing it ablaze in the youth I am beginning to connect with. It is time in my life to reach out and become a part of something greater then myself.