When Opportunity Knocks

I have made the commitment to get to Europe and meet some of the potential supporters of my images and art and am now frantically trying to pull it all together so I can make it happen. I have been a bit hesitant because I was not quite sure I could afford such a venture, given how hard the economic times have become and the decline of the American dollar. Perhaps I need to reserve my resources for other, more essential things, like living. But I also feel this opportunity is only going to present itself once and I must make this connection happen while I have the momentum on a roll. So I have been waffling the last couple of months as to whether or not I should actually go. My mind tells me to be reasonable, but my heart tells me to make the leap. The Europeans seem to have taken a keen interest in this project and what I have to say about growing up creative and gay in the wilds of Montana where everything is stacked against me. I think it’s potentially where I will be able to market my vision and style of work. I need to begin to think about getting my images out into the main stream somehow, beyond the bounds of Montana and the Internet. I have been in contact with several sources who could help me get these images into European galleries and shows. I have potentially talked of publishing a book. But, first of all, I have to figure out how to get there. I spent this morning looking into a fund raising effort on a site called Kick Starter that helps people make these goals a reality. My morning has been filled with working up a proposal to that end. The more I think about it, the more I know I must make this project happen.

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