With Much Appreciation

It feels like spring is finally hitting Montana, all the huge piles of snow in the driveway are beginning to melt and I see spring plants beginning to nudge their winter weary noses out the earth. It feels like life has become a flurry of activity; I am now shooting on this project every day. Constantly editing, working, creating awesome new images, I am now staying up half the night working into the wee hours of morn trying to keep up with it all and still try to maintain my other work and jobs. I have finally hit the stride I wanted all along and am now scheduled about two weeks out. I am developing such a strong communication with the people I am working with. It feels like I go deeper into myself with each new shoot, testing all my theories and concepts. The Project hit 10,000 visitors last Sunday, which is mind boggling that it’s happened so quickly. Someone is now looking at this project every moment of the day, somewhere in the world. There are 250 to 300 people per day now connecting to it. So to everyone out there thank you for following my project and sending all your love and stories my direction. This truly is becoming a collective of amazing artist and supports of this type of work and imagery. It’s life transforming for me. I love to hear from you so don’t be afraid to send me a quick note, letting me know who you are, what you do, and your connection to the project. I was caught off guard the other day when two guys from Kalispell, about 120 miles away, called and asked if they could come see my studio, meet me, and look at my work. The place was mess right after a shoot, and I really wasn’t organized to do any kind of presentation. I dug framed images out of heaps in the corners of the studio, covered in dust to so show them examples. It really got me to thinking how do I actually begin to present this stuff to make it saleable. I definitely need to begin to make some kind of income from the process, now that it’s consuming so much of my life. If anyone has any idea I need some help here figuring out this part of it. I could use a lot of advise is this department. I have been so caught up in all this that I realize I forget to promote myself. The website has not been finished and I have come to the conclusion it now needs to be two separate sites, one for commercial stuff about jobs in Montana and a second for the types of images on this project. Again I need suggestions, any suggestions, connections or help solving any piece of this massive puzzle. Thanks again for all your amazing support and believing in what I am doing here.