1440 Minutes In A Day

It’s been many sleepless nights and my internal balance feels like it has fallen out of sync. I have lots of ideas that keep churning in my head and it all seems to turn on the moment I lie down to sleep. As I begin to define the dream, it becomes clear where I need to go with it all. It’s still astonishes me the amount of people that are giving me encouragement and positive feed back on my images. I feel the images themselves are beginning to evolve; each new shoot brings me closer to realizing my style. The disadvantage is that I can barely keep up with the process. I am also hitting the time of the year that now things are warming up outside I need to take care of things that have been neglected around the studio. The yard needs to get cleaned up and I am being pulled back by the trivial day-to-day life details. This puts me behind in the photo work. At this point I wish I could just afford to create and work on the imagery all day and night. I am currently about 6 photo shoots behind in processing and working up the images. I was hoping to spend this weekend working through it but I am trying to seal the basement that has had a leakage problem every year we divert the creek to the stream behind the property. I am committed to making the first cut on all those sets of images before the end of the day. I want to begin showing them to the models on Monday. Then the imbalance from lack of sleep at night and sleeping in most of the morning seems to have killed my regular rhythm. I still can’t quite figure out if this is a good sign or not. Or perhaps I just have too many things going at once and somehow need to find my focus. Perhaps I just want things to happen too quickly now that I see where I want it to go. Although Facebook is a big tool, it’s a big distraction and I can feel that I was consumed by something and lost a good portion of my time. I am also trying to network several different artist sites at once. It all seems to be happening so quickly here; I love where it’s going. I love that I am creating something I love again. They put these inspirational sayings all around the UPS center. This months was “There are 1440 minutes in the day, find the time to take at least 15 minutes for yourself.” I have been thinking about it all week. Though I am busy and consumed by all the hubbub, most of my day and now waking night is for myself. Perhaps it’s time I stop whining about it and just breath into it and relish all 1440 minutes of that day. In many ways I feel so lucky to actually connect with and follow my passion when so few get to follow their dreams.

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  1. Anonymous

    >I love getting this glimpse into an artist's life, Terry. It's so fascinating to me. My days are a whirlwind of getting my kids dressed and fed, one out the door to school, playing Shutes and Ladders with my 4 year-old, and getting in some writing whenever I have the chance. I love it though but sometime's have trouble sleeping when a story is developing in my head and I can't let it go. I agree about Facebook – good tool and necessary for my writing endeavor but it's easy to spend too much time there. Hope you were able to get some images worked up yesterday.


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