An Alluring Presence

I sometimes see a man on the street and I am instantly attracted to him. I am not always sure what that attraction is, but it is like a magnet that draws me to him. I want to walk up and ask, “Can I photograph you?” but most of the time I am too intimidated to approach someone else because they might think I am gay or a sex starved psycho. I am neither but in my head it’s still awkward. I have been trying to build a strong enough portfolio of images and boost my self-confidence to make it happen, but I am often still afraid. I am not always looking for the naked man and seldom question what someone would look like nude. To me it is all about the allure of a presence, probably more psychological than physical. In my youth I was not always comfortable with my physical self and felt I was socially awkward. It took decades for me to get to the place where I could become comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have a set body type or particular look I am drawn to, typically it is a shape or movement or look in their face or eyes. I always stare and question “Who is this person, really, and why am I drawn to them at this moment?” Sometimes it’s just something they are wearing. I am often drawn to colors, and love textures; when they have put it all together and it’s working for them. For instance: dark messy hair, dark eyes, green shirt, rough worn clothing that they are completely comfortable wearing, and you know in a glance they are genuinely themselves, organically so. Perhaps this is my desire to see this within myself. There are so many people out there that would make really interesting subjects that are completely unaware of the beauty hidden within. There are so many people just not interested in knowing this information about themselves. But I think there is a locked within each of us that yearns to be recognized or at least appreciated.