Creative Tsunami

I’ve been reading Allison’s (Elizabeth Lister) new book EXPOSURE and it is really awakening thoughts and memories of years back. I feel a tinge of the old sexual self wanting to emerge as I examine where I am in my current relationship. It’s like the past, the present and the future are all colliding into one time, now. Alison has done a remarkable job of capturing some great characters and those feelings of a new romance and utterly falling for another person, which I had forgotten and missed from my life. I guess this is why this genre is so popular. I certainly see why people could get addicted to it. I know Alison has written this story from her heart and she has captured the spirit of a gay romance very beautifully. Her writing is simple and natural. It stirs my own passion. I feel fortunate to have collected so many talented people around me through the course of this year. Though many of them I have not actually physically met, I feel like I have grown close. It’s like I am surrounding myself with this most amazing collective of talented people, we all feeding and inspiring each other. It’s becoming very powerful, stronger than anything I have ever known. We are globally connected and united; all filled with vision and passion, feeding our frenzy to express our creative selves. I have read about the artist collectives that gathered in Paris over a century ago who inspired each other to greater heights, from which some of the most remarkable art and writing has emerged. It is here, present, now. Collectively we grow with each other. We challenge each other. I guess my fantasy would be to meet up somewhere with all my remarkable friends and all hang out together, drink, eat, get a little high and feel the pulse of that creative wave washing over us. Something inside of me yearns for a physical social interaction. There are now so many people I want to visit and meet, I don’t even know where to begin. Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Argentina and various points in the USA. Perhaps we are all just ordinary people who have these extraordinary talents and persona only on line and this collective can only work in cyberspace. What a strange phenomenon for me to live in such a remote place like Montana, to have reached out and found such a sublime caliber of creative soul mates.

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  1. Marklin

    >Thanks for your post today, made me smile. How does it feel to be Gertrude Stein, under that wide Montana sky? It's your blog that does it for you really, you have somehow created a cyber salon. I think that if you did actually meet everyone, there would be no difference, perhaps the sound of our voices would not match the ones that have formed in your head, but our essence would be the same. I am glad to have met you, and look forward to meeting you some day, yet at the same time, I do love the mystery of never having met you. To me is one of the coolest things about the internet. It's like modern day Muamanchanc

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