And Everything Comes Into Sharp Focus

Taking a day off from all of the computer work did wonders for my head. I managed to spend most of the day out landscaping my front yard. Wow it was a fantastic day I got a lot accomplished. I found a Blaze Maple Tree that had a great shape for about half price and brought it home and get it planted out in front. Got most of the tulips planted and put the posts in for a new fence to keep the deer out on the south side of the house. Caged everything so the deer won’t destroy it this winter. Suddenly the front corner of the house that has been neglected and looked like hell since the construction began to look pretty good. Of course it’s all planted and put together for next year.

I finished up about 7 and came in for some dinner, when I heard from Julian and he had the evening free and could meet to work through issues I was having on the new website. I was dog tried and wasn’t up for a meeting, but it’s been so difficult to meet up with him that I couldn’t say no. He come over and worked on planned and researched the site for four hours, into the middle of the night. When he left everything was working and I had a great since of direction. My head was spinning and I couldn’t go to sleep so continued to work the site. So my supposed day away from it actually brought me closer too it. I am so jacked and now see what a massive undertaking I have accepted. But then I never seem to do anything small. This morning I am razor sharp focused on the project now. I have made a huge leap and it all makes sense. I can stop banging my head against the wall, and running around in circles. I now know exactly what I am looking for and where to take it. I am feeling the tension release from my body this morning from the frustrations from the past two weeks. I now see how crucial it is to take the breaks, get out and work on another side of my passion, my gardens as I keep repeating in my head, simplify, simplify, simplify.