The Eternal Beauty of a Garden

Etta Jones singing the blues, coffee with a little cream and sugar, the beautiful fall light filling the studio. It was a very warm night last night and I slept with the window open and awoke to the sounds of the creek. I always seem to sleep more deeply when I sleep to these sounds. This is a Sunday morning of perfection. I have senior portrait client coming this morning and the studio is all set up from one I did yesterday. After that the remainder of the day is mine and I have the place to myself and it’s going to be a day just to myself. Yesterday I bought a couple hundred daffodils bulbs, and so this afternoon I am going to just work in the garden, planting and transplanting. Most people don’t think of fall as a good time for planting, when actually it’s the best time of the year to design and plant your garden for next spring, not for annuals of course, but perennials can really begin to establish if you get them in early just about now. This is the best time of year, as things begin to die back to begin to divide and take clumps from the things that were remarkable from the previous season and spread them around a bit. It’s really how my gardens have grown over the years, through the work I have done in the fall. There are lots of stray ferns over next door and I will move some of those into my shade garden on the creek bank. I have learned in all my years of gardening that ferns are something that do not happen overnight, they are a constant evolution. Seeing what works and eliminating what does not. My creek garden was just a little too busy this year, I keep wanting to grow herbs, because I love to cook, but have not quite found the combination of things that work for me, because I have not yet quite figured out the light in the area. It’s a semi shady area that gets blasted with hot afternoon sun, but not enough for things to mature. Then I have so many critters that live in my yard, because we are on the edge of the wilderness that I also contend with, skunks, lots of raccoons and way too many deer. I have a fencing system planned for the deer, but just have not had time enough to install it yet. I always say I am on phase three of a ten year plan for its development. It’s kind of like the web site and photography, you just keep working at it and it evolves. But I guess that’s life in general.