Another Rodeo In Another Town

Somehow the best parts of me are the west and I have got to somehow bring the west with me on this trip. Traveling with a cowboy hat on modern planes is near impossible. But when I look back at the seemingly impossible task of actually going to France and Germany to show my goods this seemingly impossible task of getting my hat to Paris should become an easier feat, I know I must somehow figure it out. With this Kickstarter program I am reminded of another Montanan a century or so back who also gave out his sketches and paintings in trade to pay for his keep. He didn’t have any money and was always quick to exchange art for food or lodging. He also painted beautiful men in beautiful light with their cloths on and become a legend of the west known as Charlie Russell. He actually spent a great deal of his time just a couple of hours north of where I currently reside. Well here I am another Montanan trading his artwork in exchange for a trip across the ocean. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. I am still uncertain as to where it will go or the outcome, but I have a very strong gut feeling about all this. Moments after getting André’s link to his blog about my project, I got a second e-mail from Bruno Gmuender Publishing asking me to send them low resolution files of the images in the portfolio I had submitted. So I know some kind of interest must be sparked, right? I had used a picture that is actually on my Facebook profile of me with my cowboy hat. Who knows, at least I will be to the doorstep of a dream come true. But today really isn’t about me, because today is about all of you who have supported me and made this dream of getting to that doorstep a reality. I am honored and humbled to be in the presence of such greatness. Creating art is really about a community and it takes a community to make it a success. We all see it from a different perspective and it touches a different place in our souls, yet collectively we celebrate it as a common unity. Artists do not survive on the process of creation alone. They must be able to engage their audience. I learned in this in the theater and now feel its abundance growing from all of you. So today is about all of you that click on me everyday and see, as my friend Justin describes it, “Whatever will fall of Terry’s head?” Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me and helping me make this happen. (Cue music)

I am off on my grand adventure. I will try to keep the blog going, but with time difference and unknown internet capabilities, not sure what to expect, be patient. I still have a flip phone.

Last week I was packing my cowboy gear to head off the fair and rodeo in my small home town of Superior, today I am packing up my gear to head to another Rodeo in another part of the world, where I am sure the bulls will be just a unnerving. Au revoir et merci beaucoup!! Rendez-vous à Paris …

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  1. Dean Martin

    >We're so proud of you, Terry! Have an amazing adventure and savor every thrilling moment.

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