Beautfiul Fall Weekend

I have managed to stick to my vow of no computer all weekend. I did let it slip for a moment last night, when I was looking for the price on some Gladiator Alliums for the garden. These are those giant flowers that grow in the spring from a bulb that have a large single globe shaped purple flower that last for months. I have about ten already in this bed, but want to extend more into the bed as it has expanded. Locally they are about $6.00 per bulb. I have always been a frivolous gardener and take clumps from others and tend to create my gardens as cheap as possible and I need about ten more to have an impact. I typically buy plants only at a bargain out of season, like now when I can plant for cheap. I know plants so well that I can see the vision of what they will become for the years to come and don’t really care what they look like in the clump formations. In the past I have always gardened for others so it’s a pure delight that I have such an extraordinary place like my studio where I finally can create my own.

Yesterday turned out to be very beautiful, the sun came out after a week of rain and I got the little 3-foot test section of the fence together. Though it took me most of the day to create it turned out exactly the way I planned and took lots of cutting little pieces for the insets and running back and forth two blocks up to my friend Greg’s to use a table saw we mutually share to rip everything down to size. I love working with wood and the smell of freshly sawed cedar. I spent the evening planning for plants to fill in the bed, to compliment what I already have there. Most of it I will transplant from the garden next door, but will have to wait until spring to add some boxwood to give it some color and shape all year long.

It is the most extraordinary fall morning, but unfortunately I have to go out the Superior for a family funeral that will take most of the day.