Garden Day

My goal is to take the weekend off and have a computer free weekend, except for posting the blog. So today will be light. I have been trying to schedule a weekend with nothing for a month now and this is it. I just need to clear my head and get out and work in my garden. My nephew is coming to spend the day with me and help me get the garden cleaned out before all the leaves begin to fall. It is not raining this morning and it has turned cold outside, perhaps bypassing fall all together. I also got the materials yesterday to begin working on the deer fence in the front. I love to build things, and I have a very cool design idea for this fence so today I will be in heaven doing the things I love most. It is still a good time to get out and transplant ferns and hearty root based perennials. Yipeee!!! It’s time to put on my old rugged Carhart work pants, a wool sweater and boots on and head outside for a different kind of creation this morning. Today is about taking that breath and gaining a fresh perspective. But you still get to see your naked man image of the day.