Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow is the big party and I have been working so hard all week that I have decided to take today off and just catch up with myself. Glenn has been gone for the week and I have been enjoying the solitude. It feels like the one commodity that is a rarity in my life anymore. I know I tend to overwork, it feels like every waking hour of my day is devoted to some kind of project. Last night I really began to think about how much I seem to achieve, maintain and stay on top of everything. It feels like it’s been an especially hard push this spring. It feels like I am trying to wrap my entire life into one single year. Perhaps it’s this project. Perhaps it’s turning 50 in the next couple of days. In many ways I have become a hermit, hidden in a cave. This year is has opened more than ever because of this project. But this project is easy I just put my thoughts out there and don’t really have much interaction beyond that. In a sense this really isn’t for anyone in particular but, more so for myself. I write about the things that are important to me in this moment of my existence. I am getting excited for the party tomorrow, because there will be so many people I have not seen in a long time. I feel like I have a big heart and connect strongly with people in the moment but often times it’s not sustainable in the long term. A life in the theater teaches you this way of life, you produce a burst of energy with a production, a new company, technicians. Coming together with your heart and soul to create one thing, then when it’s all over you move onto the next one and often forget the strong connections and ties you made with the last. I know I am terrible for not keeping in touch but sometimes it is the joy of those moments, lived fully and deeply within that brief encounter is enough. The party is open this weekend. If you are a follower of my life’s passions, please feel free to stop by. I would love to see or even meet you if I have not already. Saturday May 21, 6:00pm 2218 Wylie Ave.