Here’s To A Half Century!!!!

Ok, today is the day. Well, officially I am counting this as my 50th birthday, because today is the big event. The forecast called for rain all day but I woke up this morning and the sky is beautiful, the lovely sun in bursting into the windows and making the place glow. My brother Mack and his wife Pam arrived last night and it was such an utter joy to see the two of them. I am so glad they are here this morning. I feel excitement like I haven’t felt in decades. I have got most of the studio and grounds cleaned up but, my nephew Brendon is coming at 1030 to finish it all off. I got so many calls last night of people offering to help, it felt good to have so much support. I think there are going to be a lot of people showing up. There are moments in our lives when everything seems to align and you can look back to see the span of all the remarkable things we have accomplished. Today is that day. I have this last moment, alone, to reflect, before the rest of the house comes alive with a flurry of activity. The fear, the anxiety, and all the complexity of feelings leading to the moment have vanished. Suddenly it feels great to know I have reached a half a century in my existence.