Cheyenne #146, 2011

Just finished the portfolio and it’s in the box ready to go. Wow I forgot how much I love this kind of work. The trip is now just around the corner as I am making arrangements to meet lots of folks in both Paris and Berlin. The excitement grows everyday now as the time draws near. I have contacted one of my idols of all time Kingdome 19 in Berlin, he is out of the country this week, but talked to someone who runs his business and may get to go see his space and look at some of his work. My heart is racing with the possibility. I feel like there has been so much to get done, so I have been just running around for a week trying to get it all caught up and accomplished. I now have this afternoon free to catch up with myself a bit and actually relax, if I can. I have spent so much time the past two weeks arranging things on my computer, that I am actually burned out of being on line. I need to do something physical today and take a break from the computer. Perhaps I will hike the mountain behind the studio and look out over a little city. It is a time for reflect on the past and dream toward the future.

I added this piece to my portfolio because I think it really best represents me at this moment. Cheyenne standing in front of the American Flag, fully exposed, the look on his face captures the expression of what I am feeling now as I get ready to embark on this new adventure and leap to another continent.

A special thanks to Glenn, Dave, Travis, Ruth, and Mel for helping me get all this ready the last week to get everything ready and just taking on some of the other cores that have allowed me to remain focused.