Focus Focus Focus

I have to somehow get myself back on track this week and get back to working on my art. I have five shoots from a couple weeks back that I haven’t had a chance to process and work through yet. It feels my time is consumed with so many distractions; summers are always particularly bad. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I am not sure where to begin. I just realized that my vacation dates are coming up in about 2 months and I have yet to get any of that organized. I still need to get my passport renewed and need to do a new photo for it. I filled out the forms a couple of months ago but then it got buried. With all the rain and not being able to get out and work the gardens, they are becoming filled with weeds. I have so much in my head that I have a hard time getting to sleep at night and wake up late, so a lot of my mornings are lost before it actually begins. Perhaps today I just need to make a list and begin checking it off, but that also takes time. I do have a new kid that I’m meeting this afternoon to begin shoot a new series, which has been scheduled for some time, so I must prep for that. My focus really needs to be and remain on my artwork and this writing project. Suddenly the writing is becoming as interesting and important as the images. I never in a million years thought I would be able to write anything that I could put out for others to read, but this feels so natural. It’s just kind of a stream of consciences that just flows out of my head and I have a lot in my head.

Last night I watched the Tony Awards, about the only television I ever really watch, and was struck by how we as artists must face the truth of our craft each and everyday and make it interesting, viable, but most of all honest. For the theater that is eight shows per week, with a pretty good pay incentive. Though I work at my imagery and some form of art each day, I do not always get paid for the energy or effort. I think this is where my greatest struggle lies. I have to actually sustain myself by other means that are not art related and this is where the greatest distraction lies. Some days become a struggle against time just to do something creative that will move me forward in my art.

I am hoping this upcoming vacation time, the middle of August, will yield me stronger connections to the world of art and what I do. I want to head to Europe and meet others over there that can help me along, some of the trip is already set, but some is not. If any one has suggestions of who can help me along my artistic career or possibly host me in my endeavor on this trip I am open for suggestions. There are so many of you out there I have talked to but have been so busy I did not continue my communication. Today is a focus to become organized and get back on track.