Look From The Outside In

What a whirlwind of a morning and here it is afternoon and I still haven’t written my post for today. Last night when I got home I received an e-mail that my proposal to Kick Starter was accepted and I am good to proceed with the submission. I have spent most of morning pulling it together; figuring out what exactly I need, creating a budget, and analyzing how to best present this project. It’s really opening my eyes to the entire process as a whole. Sometimes when we are caught in the middle of the process we can’t always see it from an outside perspective. It seems I remain in my own studio world and don’t venture out too often, so my focus has really become channeled into those things that are right in front of me. In a sense this project has been a greater part in my mind and memory. Now it’s time to begin thinking about how to externalize what this project can look like as a possible show in a space and how interactive it becomes with an audience. Although the images may speak for themselves, the process of creating a proposal has to present an overview to give others an insight into my vision. People come to THE NAKED MAN PROJECT in so many different ways and their responses are varied by how they identify and are touched by what I am trying to accomplish. It seems to resonate to so many on a lot of different levels so it’s hard to become specific. I have always brought to it my own truth, knowledge, and experience. I let it reflect me as I am at this stage in my life; raw, unfiltered, and passionate about my own creative process. I know it would eventually come around to examining what I create, but I thought perhaps that would become retrospective once the project was done at the end of this year of commitment. Being forced to look at it from an outside perspective I am now in awe of its creation.