Symbiotic Relationship

My perceptions of my imagery is changing the more I begin to look at what I have been doing and try to examine what the process is becoming. It feels like I have jumped from the creative mode into a marketing mode and it makes me begin to look at the process differently. Almost like the humanity side of my creativeness is being extracted. Or at least I am having a hard time seeing the images on their own. Writing about my process, and exposing images with it, seems to have created such a symbiotic relationship that becomes hard to separate. There was a simplicity in the beginning when all remained hidden and the images were private never really intended to be shown. I don’t think my process or approach has changed at all, but the exposure and expectations are now different. Before I had great difficulty finding subjects who were willing to expose themselves so the process become a struggle of searching for that identity. Now that people know what I am doing, and it is becoming recognizable, I have lots of willing subjects and they know coming in where the outcome will probably lead. In many ways this is liberating because an element of apprehension that I used to overcome no longer exists and I can get right to work and become more creative with the process. Sometimes it used to take me several sessions to get to that level of comfort. There is a part of me that misses that exploration because the revelation was not always with the subject but more often with myself, over coming my own fears, anxieties, and sexual phobia. I think this year my images have become much more interesting. The process of writing about my history and feeling bring my vision more into focus. I still feel like this has all is merely the study for something that I am on the verge, just about to discover.

2 thoughts on “Symbiotic Relationship

  1. BDSpellman

    >You're learning the greatest maxim of education–you learn more as a teacher than as a pupil. By exploring what you're doing as an artist, you're learning more about not just your art, but also yourself, and it is evident in your work. Keep it up, my friend. You're on your way to greatness.

  2. Marklin

    >Terry your standing on the edge. I am a little envious, I must say, what a exciting place to be ! Yes your work is becoming very recognizable, but I have a feeling you will stand at this place many times in the future. I think it's what keeps a artist fresh and relevant to his viewer, and satisfies the need for the artist to create all at once. I am so happy for you I am almost giddy, thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us.

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