The Mid Year Hump

Wow, it’s hard to believe I have made it to the half way point of this project. Half a year down already. It has gone quicker than I ever imagined and it feels like I have covered a lot of ground. I figured that I would run out of things to say, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I still have a lot more thoughts swimming in my head. At this point the average number of followers has grown to about 400 per day and on good days 700. This morning we are at 38,000 visitors since it all began, six months ago. I had no idea so many of you out there would be interested in the ranting of an artist from the mountains of western Montana. This has certainly taken me down a path I never thought I would travel. I felt like I was in such a funk when the project began, unsure of my abilities to express what was in my heart and had no clue even where I was going with all this. I guess, in a sense, I am still not quite sure where I am going with all this. The support and talent I have tapped into and all who have shared with me, is astonishing. It’s given me a completely different perspective on art and our gay culture in general. I seem to have come to a better understanding and appreciation of all the various facets of my life and it all seems to merge into a greater view of myself as a whole. My life used to feel so compartmentalized, each part of it isolated from the other. I felt a certain shame and apprehension from exhibiting images of nude men. I now see myself; the process, the telling of my history, and the passing of my knowledge as part of the artist that I have become. It’s not merely the images I project, but an overall, unified, inclusive self that becomes the portrait of us as artists. Wow! What a journey this first half has been. I never really thought of myself as a writer, and I am often amazed that this is what many comment on as the better part of my expression. Thanks for all your continued support of this project and my images.

2 thoughts on “The Mid Year Hump

  1. Anonymous

    >You're very welcome! It's an absolute pleasure 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog each day.


  2. Marklin

    >Ditto to what Alison said, I look forward to my morning coffee and reading your blog. Greetings from Brazil today have a happy holiday .

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