The Naked Man Finally Finds Exposure

OK!!!! Here it is the big day!!!!  The website is finally up and running!!!!  You can find it at  We have put together a limited version to test the site and see how it will function.  It’s still a work in progress so there may be some quirky little things that aren’t quit there yet, but for the most part you can get a good feel for what it will become.  We currently have eight of the thirty plus odd galleries open so it will give you a sampling of various styles.  Sorry I could not get an opening splash page up to warn viewer of the content, but most of you know what that is anyway and will hopefully get that up later in the day.  As an option I have chosen to hide the more graphic images from casual public viewing that can only be accessed when you become a registered user.  There are ratings at the bottom of the gallery pages, but they are way at the bottom so please feel free to use to give some feedback, you may have to scroll down to find, but am working on bringing them up into the page.  And there are comment sections at the bottom of each section for feedback.  The blog will now become more searchable via keywords though not all of the blogs have been categorized yet.  There is still a tremendous amount of work to be worked through on what’s currently up, but will be refined through out the upcoming weeks as we muddle our way through it.

It feels like I have reached the pinnacle of a wondrous place in my life today.  I now have a public home where I can dwell and share my creative spirit.  A year and half ago I was too afraid to even show my work publicly and now have a site that totally celebrates what I have become.  Thank you to all that have contributed and helped along the way.  A very special thanks are due to Glenn who keeps pushing me and reminds me of the practical side of my vision.  A huge thanks to Thor for his hours of working through my massive catalog of images and getting them organized and putting so much of the galleries together.  Alison you are the female love of my life, you just keep inspiring and cleaning up all my dirty little messes and making sense of my babbling.  I also have to thank Ramon who’s giving me the courage when I feel like I have fallen in a dark holes from which I thought I would never recover.  This website is a community effort and I have graciously learned this year that it takes a community to create art and survive.