A Shift of Consciousness

I have to say I was a bit lost most of yesterday.  The website went up at about 11:30.  Glenn left at 1 pm for a week of UPS training to become a utility driver for peak season to spend the week in Billings.  I went for a long walk along the river to clear my head.  Though the sun was out it was not warm enough the melt the snow dabbled on the pine trees.  The leaves have not completely fallen yet and now there is snow.  It feels like I have been asleep for a very long time and have not really felt the changing of the season this year.  My fall has been inside, focused on a massive project and suddenly my senses are awake and alive again.  I did some light shopping and found some lamb chops at the store.  I love grilled lamb, but never have it because Glenn dislikes it so much. I went home and settled into a lazy afternoon of lounging about wanting to somehow celebrate, but mostly trying to figure out and put into perspective what I have accomplished.  I dabbled on cleaning the website here and there, not wanting to delve to deeply but to savor the unfounded glory.  It was time to see what has happened in the world in the past two months of my absence.  I began to look at fellow artist and what they have been producing.  It seems Facebook has now become a means of tagging and posting and less a means of communication.  And I began to ponder have we all run out of things to say to each other?  Perhaps we are all just becoming more focused.  I tried to watch a movie on Netflix, but it no longer seems to work.  Here one of my greatest passions has somehow imploded itself.  I had shut down getting the discs by mail when they raised the prices and I was so involved in the project, that I wasn’t watching them anyway and only kept the streaming, but had forgotten that it simply doesn’t stream on Sundays.  How could something so brilliant completely destroy the foundation of its livelihood.  I was very resentful at their decision to split the service, but I guess I vote with my dollar and I have said “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”.   The theater world seems the same, Phantom is still running after 22 years with no end in sight, the new musical Pricilla seems to have grown stronger from its initial lukewarm start, and Hugh Jackman is returning in a one man show.  Now there is a talented man who can do it all, he was ever so brilliant in The Boy from Oz as he flashed that big warm smile at me in the 4th row many seasons back.  Avenue Q has down sized and moved to a smaller venue that seems to have revived its longevity.

I spent the afternoon drifting in a universe of my own creation, so near, yet so far from my current existence, drifting in and out of consciousness.  It was almost like I could see myself separating from itself.  Am I am even slightly aware of my own life?  Somehow it doesn’t feel like it.  As I began to realize I was caught in that post partum creation lull that I used to feel at the end of the tour or the jet lag you feel from flying across the ocean west.  I finally understand the meaning of lost in translation.  Oh yes and today it’s that odd shift toward or away from daylight savings time, which I can never figure out, where we are just naturally out of sync with the day.  It feels like my life has come to a stand-still and yet I look back at this year and am astonished by my own accomplishments.  All I can think is it’s time to somehow renew the creative process again.  I am now ready to get back into the studio and shoot something new.