The Other Side of Me!

I have been splitting my focus working on my two websites, one day on this, and the next on creating a business site with my regular photography.  This is the time of the year when the photography business tanks and I get to catch up on all the stuff I have been neglecting for a long time; a sort of nurturing and renewal before the spring.  The site is nearly complete and then I will begin to turn all my energy back to only this project.  It kind of all began, last month, with getting the Helmville Rodeo image accepted into the Missoula Art Museum, raising the bar for me to showcase my skills and talents.  I am beginning to think more in the terms of the actual creation of pieces of art from my imagery.  Though it feels like I am still a bit of a controversial artist in Missoula, I still need to create things that can sustain me.  Yes, I do weddings and other portraiture.  I love the whole idea of somehow getting into the gay wedding market.  I love doing weddings and to do gay ones seems to be a perfect match.  I did photograph one a couple years back and had the time of my life.  Montana has not yet accepted gay marriage, though I think it will be soon to follow. The western part of Montana is quite progressive; it always has been, well since I can remember.  I have mostly always been open about my sexuality and no one, even in the small town I grew up in gave it much of a thought.  Looking back I see my fear was more internalized then actual.  Spokane, Washington, just a few hours across the mountains has legalized gay marriage and could become a viable market.