What’s Buried Within

Why are we so afraid to face who we are and recognize the talents we are given? This morning I was chatting with a kid on Facebook who I sensed has the potential to become something extraordinary. I could see it in his Facebook images as I scrolled through them and chatted and hear could hear it in the tone of his dialogue. It really got me thinking about how so much of our talents are lost by such a lack of self-esteem. I believe there is something remarkable in all of us, whether we can see it for our selves or just remains buried deep inside. So many people completely deny and say up front “I am not talented, I am not worthy of being creative.” I think all of us have some inkling deep inside that yearns to do something extraordinary. Everyone says “I am not photogenic.” Is it easier to put a wall up of self-denial then to actually face the potential of what might emerge? Why is there so much fear, doubt, anxiety, and insecurity when it comes to ourselves? Since the beginning of this project I have been connecting to so many artists that want to emerge but are held back by doubt. Why? When we ourselves are creation, doesn’t this mean that we were meant to be creative?

Him: “Well you have a gift for it I wish I could be artistic somehow I try but doesn’t really work very well haha”
Me: “Nobody starts out good right out of the gate. You might be surprised what seems to emerge from just dabbling. I feel the same way about a lot of my own images and those are generally the strongest ones.”
Him: “maybe someday if I can build up the courage.”
Me: “It’s facing your fears and stepping into the creative.”
Then we talk about possible doing some image together”
Him: “what would I have to do?”
Me: “Not make faces, but just be your self. Be comfortable and explore where you are at this stage in your life.”
Him: “I would have such a hard time with that”
Me: “Photos become mirrors in which we can see ourselves.”
Him: “the guys you photograph are so hot”
Me: “Most of them were exactly like you, could not see themselves for who they are. Everyone comes in shy and insecure.”
Him: “Ya except I definitely wouldn’t want to get naked
Me: “I am about figuring out who they are and then light them to bring out what they have to offer.”
Him: “that’s really cool”
Me: “No, I don’t do just naked pictures.”
Him: “ya i know”
Me: “The Naked Man Project is a metaphor for me exposing myself.
My subjects take the images where they want to go and feel comfortable.”

Don’t worry I asked for permission to print what he said.