Something Unexpected!

I had an unexpected surprise yesterday morning.  A kid stopped by that I was interviewing for a model.  He is from Montana but works in the oil fields down in Colorado and was taking off to head back there today for work.  We jumped right into shooting, or testing,  to see how he would photograph.  The natural winter light was beautiful in the studio so we continued to shoot for an hour or so.  Wow, he was just sensational to work with.  Totally a natural!  I am jacked to resume shooting on this project again.  Now I really need to get myself in gear and begin actively looking for some new subjects.  I spent the morning working through his images and began texting some of them to him as I worked.  They looked very good naturally without much adjusting.   He will be back to Montana in a couple of weeks so we can begin working again.  If there is anyone out there that would like to work with me or knows of someone that would become a good subject let me know.  It seems quite difficult to find people here in Missoula.